Coffee Machine Water Treatment

Avoid disappointment and expensive maintenance costs

Drinking water the United Kingdom is among the safest in the world, however we still have problems with hardness and chlorine that together with other impurities can spoil the taste, smell and ultimately damage your machine.

Water filters help to remove chlorine, organic pollutants, heavy metals such as lead, copper and other impurities that are present in mains water which can impair the taste and appearance of drinks. In addition, water filters will remove temporary hardness from the water which help to reduce scale and ultimately increase the service life of your machine.

Avoid the hassle of equipment failure with a professional water treatment system from Brita or European Water Care. We can supply and install water treatment units to suit all applications. Please contact us to discuss any requirements and let us help find the right system for you.

Remember hard water can severely damage your machine by causing limescale build up in the boiler, around the heating element and on other areas such as pipe work, valves and water outlets. If this builds up on heating elements it will reduce the efficiency of your machine and that could lead to a breakdown and costly repairs.

Let us test the water

Ask us for a sample container and we will test the quality of your water. Return the container to us and we will confirm the hardness of the water in your area and advise how you can combat this to ensure your machine is running as efficiently as possible.